With the Norwegian bank, DNB, as lead organizer and in collaboration with PWC, The Norwegian Data Organization DND, DAMA-International, BigInsight, and more than 200 engaged and active participants from diverse industry sectors, academia and public institutions – we organized a conference on responsible AI @DNB in Oslo on January 29.

A number of presentations focused on experience with and governance of AI pointing to issues such as:

  • Lack of legitimacy when using AI can harm public trust and reinforce already existing polarization – Transparency in use of AI imperative.
  • To ensure users’ trust, you need to work stepwise, and involve the business and domain expert in the interpretation and quality evaluation of ML results.
  • AI Transparency has multiple definitions depending on stakeholders!
  • Good AI explainability is difficult to verify.
  • Need forengagement of society as a whole for responsible Ai to succeed!
  • Human oversight!
  • Trust – trust is multidimensional. Important that legitimacy is documented properly.

Insightful iHuman film and Q&A

Tonje Hessen Schei introduced and showed her new film iHuman with a “call to action” and a clear message: need to engage society, and need for open dialogue. https://goodpitch.org/films/ihuman

The conference included focused workshops formed by diverse actors from industry, academia and public sector, uniting and combining different voices to promote thinking on how to govern AI.

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