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Tech-Driven Dilemmas in Business: Creating a Dilemma Library for Learning

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Project on Responsible Digital Leadership

Throughout 2021, the Project on Responsible Digital Leadership  will analyze the many risks and ethical dilemmas related to the use of new technologies in banking and insurance. 

In what is presumably the largest global project of its kind to date, around 70 Ph.D., MBA, and master’s-level students from some of the world’s most renowned universities in 26 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America will come together to bring their diverse cultural and disciplinary lens’ to this important work. 

With this intentionally diverse global effort, we will define the risks of technology use, with a mission of future-proofing the financial sector against getting the ethics of data and AI wrong. In doing so, we seek to set in motion a global, culturally-conscience, ethically-trained emerging workforce that has the potential to influence responsible technological innovation worldwide, for generations to come. 

When complete, we will have developed a culturally inclusive learning platform based on collections of real ethical dilemmas in tech, which will provide a strong foundation for promoting a culture of thoughtful technology implementation and responsible leadership. 

The Challenge

Responsible Banking

How might we enable companies everywhere to use technology and data responsibly to build trust in ways that:


the interests, privacy, and rights of those whose data is being collected and used, and are mindful of impact and purpose


the flexibility required to comply with local regulations, laws, and cultural expectations


rather than constrain, innovation that benefits individuals, businesses, society, and future generations;

so that adoption of responsible digital leadership models, principles, and practices is seen as a must do—rather than a nice to do—by those organizations around the world to support a level playing field.
our initiative

Responsible Digital Leadership

We’ve launched this project as we have to realize and understand an increasing number of ethical dilemmas and possible digital human rights infringements  in our common digital horizon.

Questions to which we need to find answers enabling actors in the financial sector – and elsewhere – to benefit from the powers of data and algorithmic tools without risking their reputation, and more importantly without bringing privacy and fundamental rights of their customers at risk. 

Through our work we’ve increasingly been made aware of the importance of culture and education in promoting understanding of risks and basic values throughout business operations.  This is what we aim to contribute to; by developing a learning platform based on collections of real ethical dilemmas of tech.

Søren Juul Jørgensen –  fellow at the Center for Human Rights and International Justice at Stanford University.


We hope this will contribute to improve international collaboration that benefits many.

Our Offer

We offer the solutions to anyone and we hope to raise the bar for responsible tech in the financial sector and elsewhere. The solutions are intended to be available as flexible tools also for smaller organizations that lack the muscle to build their own.

Our aim

We aim to integrate ethics along with considerations for human rights and sustain- able efforts in our work with corporate digital responsibility. Finally, we intend to offer the solutions and learnings to NGO’s and others who manage large amounts of data in their quest to do good.

recent events

BIZ@HKUST: The Value of Data

BIZ@HKUST: The Value of Data On January 6, HKUST Business School Magazine published an article featuring the Responsible Digital Leadership Project. Responsible Digital Leadership participants and KHUST Students Xin Chen, Ezekiel Chim, Valeria Stadalninkas, and …

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Data Science Summit in Warsaw, Poland

Data Science Summit   Søren Juul Jørgensen and Elise St. John spoke at the Data Sciences Summit in Poland, which was held on December 3. Data Science Summit is the largest and oldest (1st edition …

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Transformative AI Entrepreneurship in a Post-Pandemic World by Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs

Transformative AI Entrepreneurship in a Post-Pandemic World by Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs     On November 8, 2021, Søren Juul Jørgensen was a featured speaker in an open, audience-driven roundtable discussion centered on AI entrepreneurship …

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Copenhagen Fintech Week: Research Symposium

Copenhagen Fintech Week On September 13, 2021, the Responsible Digital Leadership was featured at Copenhagen Fintech Week’s research symposium: Making the World a Better Place with Fintech Research. You can view the Copenhagen Fintech Week …

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European Blockchain Week

European Blockchain Week On September 9, 2021, the Responsible Digital Leadership project was featured at European Blockchain Week during Workshop One: Convergence of Blockchain with AI and IoT. Søren Juul Jørgensen was joined by Rodolfo …

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RMIT Cybersecurity Risk Challenge Collaboration

RMIT Cybersecurity Risk Challenge Collaboration In collaboration with the RMIT Cyber Ready Cloud Innovation Centre, the Responsible Digital Leadership Project worked with AWS’s innovation methodologies in a CIC Innovation Challenge to look at ways to …

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Inspiration Session: Poverty Action & Consumer Protection

Inspiration Session: Poverty Action & Consumer Protection On Monday, July 12, the Responsible Digital Leadership Project hosted leaders from the Gates Foundation and Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA) for an inspiration session and collaborative workshop. …

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Inspiration Session: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Inspiration Session: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency    The Responsible Digital Leadership Project hosted its seventh inspiration session on Wednesday, July 7th, focusing on the topic of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency regulation. The day’s first speaker was Richard …

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Collaborative Workshop (6/30)

Collaborative Workshop On Wednesday (6/30) the Responsible Digital Leadership Project hosted the first of two cross-pollination workshops to promote collaboration across teams as well as individual dilemmas. The session was led and coordinated by Andrea …

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Inspiration Session Two: Future of Finance (May 12, 2021) Inspiration Session 2: Future of Finance | May 11-12, 2021 This Inspiration Session featured Bryan Zhang, the Executive Director at Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance. Bryan spoke about how the new developments in FinTech …

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Inspiration Session 1

Inspiration Session One: Future of Finance (May 5, 2021)

This Inspiration Session featured two guest speakers. The first was Jeni Mundy, a Managing Director at Visa in the UK & Ireland, presenting on the topic of “payments at the heart of the digital economy.” …

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Data ethics and cultural differences

Artificial Intelligence is fundamentally changing the game, and how to govern these emerging powers raises important questions and risks to fundamental rights, to which we need to develop general and global answers.

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Responsible Digital Leadership

A project at Stanford looks at ethics relating to privacy and ethics of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, AI/ML, in the context of Responsible Digital Leadership in the Financial Sector.

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Launching Responsible Digital Leadership at Stanford University

This week we launched the Responsible Digital Leadership project at Stanford.
Together with an international group of banks and insurance companies we will through the next year work on models, tools and roadmaps for Responsible Digital Leadership in the financial sector.

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Conference on Responsible use of Data and AI at DNB Bank in Oslo

With the Norwegian bank, DNB, as lead organizer and in collaboration with PWC, The Norwegian Data Organization DND, DAMA-International, BigInsight, and more than 200 engaged and active participants from diverse industry sectors, academia and public …

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Stanford kickoff workshop impressions

Video Interviews from the Project Kick off event at Stanford

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