Responsible Digital Leadership

Financial Sector

International financial sector initiative on corporate digital responsibility


to the project on Responsible Digital Leadership

Through the coming year we will be working on a project on how to integrate requirements for responsible digital leadership in relation to the use of data and advanced technology into real business process. We are working with a group of financial sector companies; currently mainly European and from the US, but in a later stage also from other geographies.

Søren Juul Jørgensen: The Project

Radhika Shah: The Tools

Søren Juul Jørgensen and Radhika Shah, both fellows at the Center for Human Rights and International Justice at Stanford University, have founded and are reponsible for the project.

The challenge:

Responsible Banking

How might we enable companies everywhere to use technology and data responsibly to build trust in ways that:


the interests, privacy, and rights of those whose data is being collected and used, and are mindful of impact and purpose


the flexibility required to comply with local regulations, laws, and cultural expectations


rather than constrain, innovation that benefits individuals, businesses, society, and future generations;

so that adoption of responsible digital leadership models, principles, and practices is seen as a must do—rather than a nice to do—by those organizations around the world to support a level playing field.

Our initiative:

Responsible Digital Leadership

We are launching the project at a workshop at Stanford in Silicon Valley this fall focusing on data management, ethics, impact and responsible innovation.

Through 2020 our goal is to stimulate awareness, dialogue and innovation at a number of conferences and workshops worldwide.

Broad awareness enables the co-creation of better quality, real and relevant concrete proposals.



We hope this will contribute to improve international collaboration that benefits many.


Our Offer

We offer the solutions to anyone and we hope to raise the bar for responsible tech in the financial sector and elsewhere.
The solutions are intended to be available as flexible tools also for smaller organizations that lack the muscle to build their own.


Our aim

We aim to integrate ethics along with considerations for human rights and sustainable efforts in our work with corporate digital responsibility.
Finally, we intend to offer the solutions and learnings to NGO’s and others who manage large amounts of data in their quest to do good.

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